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Mike Zecchino (pronounced zeh-KEE-no) is a singer, songwriter and musician in Tucson, Arizona. He soaks up music from songwriters like Lyle Lovett and Randy Newman, Brazilian artists and bands such as Gilberto Gil, Carlinhos Brown and Timbalada, funk, soul, Appalachia, and everything that clunks, hums, groans or chimes.

Mike's been recording and performing slightly bent songs with quirky lyrics, for many moons. He recently released his second solo CD, Life in the Funnel, featuring everything from dobro folk to organ funk. He has also been Chief of The Nail Recording Studio since 1995, recording dozens of CDs for artists from Arizona as well as Brazil, Zimbabwe and around the world.

Mike played in, and was an assistant director for Batucaxé, a 50-member Afro-Brazilian drum and dance performing group and school in Tucson. Has sung in and directed Catacoustic Groove, bringing streetcorner a cappella to Tucson for over 15 years. And, as a member of ZaBoomBa he helped create interactive drum extravaganzas that get everyone in the audience drumming along—500 drums in a room, people!

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Life in the Funnel Buy Mike's new CD, Life in the Funnel, at CDBaby, or Amazon.