Portfolio Snapshot: 4D Technology Corporation, 2007-present

4D is a mid-sized company that specializes in metrology (measurement) equipment used in the manufacture of optics, telescopes, satellites, semiconductors and other industries. I design and implement 4D's marketing communications strategy and create virtually all marketing pieces. I oversee 4D's customer database which has more than doubled in size, and I implement software and systems to make sure the sales force can act on the most promising leads. As 4D's technical writer I generate all user documentation and edit scientific articles, as well providing a resource for software testing, applications engineer and product design. I worked with 4D on a consulting basis for several years before joining as an employee in 2012.

4D Technology Home Page

The 4D Technology web site establishes the company as the leading innovator in their field.

Our promotional mission has been to grow sales in an industry that is dominated by large, entrenched competitors. We build on 4D's stature as the major innovator in the field and promote 4D's products through a combination of rich web content, trade journal articles, regional events and workshops, and precise on-line advertising. I have been able to grow 4D's prospect database by 30% or more year over year. The company has been able to continue steady growth despite the severely challenging environment.

4D Technology -  Clean Room Applications  4D Technology - In Situ Polishing Feedback  4D Technology -  Shop Floor Measurement
4D Technology - Large Optics  4D Technology - Surface Roughness Measurement

Application-based photography puts 4D systems into context.

4D's customers are building some of the most challenging optical systems even designed, and they require thorough, accurate understanding of how the products and software function. To provide it I maintain over 40 hardware manuals which are frequently updated and expanded. The manual that I developed for 4D's 4Sight software, which provides instrument control and data analysis for all of 4D's instruments, has grown to over 250 pages and is now in its 15th revision. Customers have reported that the thoroughness of this documentation was a major selling point when they were searching for metrology equipment.

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4D web and print ads present a cohesive message.